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Friday, 26 August 2022

What is Cyclone in Odia || how cyclones are formed in Odia

how cyclone is formed , Cyclone Meaning in Odia || ବାତ୍ୟା କାହିଁକି ଓ କିପରି ସୃଷ୍ଟି , How to Say Cyclone in Odia, How Cyclone formed in Odia, Cyclone in Odisha update, Tropical region in Odia, Tropical Cyclone in Odia

What is Cyclone in Odia and How cyclones are formed

In this video, we are providing Full detailed video on How cyclones are formed and What is cyclone in Odia Language. As on now, we have seen that our Odia peoples are learning whatever they want to know but they are gaining that in other languages other than Odia. So that our motto is to provide all our audiences different types of knowledge in their own regional language so that they can easily understand whatever they want to know. If we have understood something first in our mother language we can do it understand it very briefly and also memorize it very fast, So this is main our motto. So we are working on it. Our dream is to make our people much better and better by providing good knowledge and by acquiring this knowledge they can increase their potential and by using this potential they can do something good for the society and by which many people will be benefited and this should be our action mode in our life “to help people”. Without knowledge and potential how can we help others? So gain knowledge whatever your field is and increase your potential in that field. Best of luck. So, kindly join us and support us. Your support makes us motivated to provide always something new and Subscribe to our YouTube channel also and give your feedback.
As of now you can see that in the Bay of Bengal region the cyclones are forming in every year and due to this whenever it hits coastal region of India it destory alot of things. But the question is why the cyclones are forming so rapidly every year? if we see that in the past decades in many year one or two cyclones had formed. But the number of cyclones formed every year is icreaasing. We have provided in this video that What is reason behind this and How we can change it . So, kindly watch the full video and also share this with your friend and realtives by which they also came to know that how this is happening and if this will continue what will happend in the next few upcoming years. - 

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What is Cyclone and how is it formed and What is tropicla region and what is tropicla cyclone in odia

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