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Saturday, 27 March 2021

What White Lines in Road indicates || Different Colors on indicates what in Odia and English

Traffic Sign Colour Meanings / White line in road meanings
/ white dotted line in road indicates what

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                    In this post we are providing a detail meanings of Traffic Sign Colours and about he white line / White dotted line / yellow line in the road. Now a days a lot of accidents are taking place all over the world in the roads. In order to avoid these accidents people have to understand the importance of Traffic signs and their meanings. By this studing this post you can get some knowledge about the what the traffic sign colour indicates and what white line / white dotted lines indicates and this may help in increasing you knowledge. The details are given below -

Traffic Sign colours meanings -

  • Red Colour: Red is usually associated with danger. The use of red in traffic sign usually indicates compulsory rules and possible dangers. When it comes to traffic light, it means that you have to stop. For traffic signs, the red colour can be used to indicate other meanings rather than stop. It is usually used for Regulatory and cautionary signs. Never skip a red traffic sign.

  • Yellow: Yellow is also one of the three colours used for traffic lights. However, in the traffic sign, you will see less yellow than red or green. In most case, it suggests the vehicles to slow down or be more cautious.

  • Green: Green are usually used for informative signs which give you directions or a guide to a particular destination. Mostly, green signs will give you information regarding the distance toward a destination.

  • Blue: Blue colour with a rectangular shape is mostly used to indicate a destination nearby. The combination of blue colour and round shape are usually used for regulatory signs. In most case, these signs require you to take a turn.

Here we are providing a table of color used in raods and what they are indicating -

1. Broken White Line :-

             Broken white lines on the roads indicate that you are allowed to change the lane or overtake a vehicle or take a U-turn if it is safe to do so. 


2. Solid White Line :-

             Solid white lines on the roads basically seen on areas of strategic importance, these imply that you are not allowed to Change the lanes / overtake the car in front of you and you should drive in a queue / in the same lane. 


3. Broken Yellow Line :-

              The broken yellow line on the roads indicates that you can cross the line for overtaking other vehicle as well as for taking a turn. 


4. Solid Yellow Line :-

              The solid yellow line used in areas where visibility is low. This indicates that passing other vehicle is allowed but you cannot pass through the solid yellow line.


5. Double solid yellow lines :-

            These are usually used on dangerous roads or 2 lane roads,  this double Solid Yellow Lines strictly indicate that no passing is allowed to cross the lane. 


6. Solid yellow lines with the broken yellow lines :-

            A solid yellow line with a broken yellow line on the roads indicates that if you are driving or riding on the side of the broken line you can overtake and if you are on the side of the solid line you are not allowed to do so.

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White dotted line meaning on road

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