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Thursday, 1 October 2020

short note on hockey | Essay on hockey | Important notes on Hockey


There are a lot of games available in our society. Hockey is one the famous game out of them. Hockey is played between two teams in which one team has to put the ball or a puck (a disk made of Vulcanized Rubber) into the opponent’s goal post using hockey stick. There are many types of hockey such as bandy, field hockey, Ice hockey and ring hockey. Here we are discussing about field hockey. 


FIELD HOCKEY (Important / Short notes on Hockey)

imageFiled hockey is a widely played team sport out of the hockey games. The game can be played grass, synthetic field, watered turf and artificial turf. Each team has 11 players out them 10 (ten) are field players and 1 (one) is goalkeeper. The hockey players use sticks which are mainly made out of wood, fibre glass, carbon fibre or a combination of carbon fibre and fibre glass. The hockey ball is made up of plastic.  


            During play the field players are allowed to play the ball with the flat side of their stick. If the ball is touched with the rounded part of the stick. It will result in a penalty. Goal keepers are the only players who are allowed to touch the ball with any part of their body. (Their hand is considered part of the stick) 

            The governing body of Field Hockey is the International Hockey Federation which in French called as (Federation International de Hockey). The FIH is responsible for organizing the Hockey rules Board and developing the rules for the game. 

Now several questions are arises related to the field Hockey which are discussed below. 

1. First Men’s Hockey world cup held on which Country and When?

Ans.  In 1971 at Barcelona, Spain   in between Pakistan Vs Spain (Pakistan won the match)


2. Where Next Men’s Hockey world cup to be held on and when?

Ans. At Bhubanswar and Rourkela of State Odisha, India and in 2023

3. Who win World Cup how much time?

Ans. The following countries have won the world cups – 

            Pakistan won –            4 times 

            Netherland Won-         3 times 

            Australia won –           3 times 

            Germania won –          2 times

            India won –                 1 time (in 1975 against Pakistan) 

            Belgium won -                         1 time 


4. Who won the first world cup Hockey match? 

Ans. Pakistan in 1971 against Spain 


  1. How many times has India won the Hockey World Cup (Men’s)?

Ans. 1 (one) time in 1975 against Pakistan 


6. Who is the Governing authority of Men’s and Women’s Hockey in India?

Ans. Hockey India is the Governing body of Men’s and Women’s field hockey in India. 


7. Where is the Headquarter of Hockey India?

Ans. The headquarter of Hockey India is in New Delhi


8.  As per the birthday of famous hockey player Dhyan Chand (i.e. 29th August) is celebrated as National Sports Day in India. 

          By using the above information you can write essay on hockey and also short note on hockey along with short paragraph on hockey.

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